How Reliable is iPage?

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We develop software, often for web projects. We have dealt with a lot of web hosting companies. In this review I would like to share with you my experiences with the latest web host we used.

If you start a web site with iPage, you’ll be charged a monthly tiny fee that’s below ten bucks. One can tell by the sum, that this service is not a big profit maker for the owners. The money is enough for them to buy you your domain (they have to buy it from ICANN usually). Than they give you login credentials to their hosting platform so you can set up your web site.

Various Services Offered

There are various services offered by iPage. Some services look alike. Usually you only notice the differences as you begin to use them. I would advise to do your homework and make the right choice at first go.

Money Back Guarantee

iPage is a BBB accredited business and it has a great money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the service for any reason, you can request a refund and they will give your money back. Although, with such a low fee, you wouldn’t loose much anyway.

Projecting a Professional Image

No matter where you host your web site, it’s essential for any business to project a professional image. iPage can help you in many ways.

You can set up a professional email with your domain name in it. Not only that, you can create great email headers, you can set up email campaigns and start marketing. Your emails will be filtered for spam.

With ad credits you can also show up instantly on high profile web sites like Google, Facebook and Bing. That’s almost instant traffic for you for free. And if you want to go one step further, you can have your 24/7 answering machine for free.

If you are selling something, you can easily accept credit cards. It’s not free though, so it would worth too have a look around and see if there are other providers that can help you and are cheaper.

Customer Support

iPage incorporates a client support service that answers consumer queries objectively and at the shortest time possible. All queries are answered almost immediately via live chat or phone. The review on also confirms this.

Getting started with your account is not rocket science though. On top of that, iPage has an exhaustive knowledge base with all the answers to popular questions. You can’t fail in this.

Customer support reps are often tested and if someone consistently fails on these tests, they will get fired. This company is aware that the most important aspect of their business is their clients. This is why their services are built from the ground up to serve customers.

Going Mobile is No Challange with iPage

Have you read that literally half of the planet got a smartphone this year? That means possible customers or readers (whatever your business is) are more likely to visit you using these devices.

iPage has a built-in tool that let’s you build mobile web sites. Depending on the time of your sign up, this may be free or paid add-on to your account.

You Join a Great Group

Endurance International Group, the owner of iPage is one of the world’s biggest retail web hosting companies. They operate many of the biggest brands in this market, so you can be sure that you are in good company.

And it’s All Green!

I know I have told you a lot of positive things about iPage, but here is the one most dear to me. It’s a green company. They use renewable energy to power your servers. I won’t go on and on on how web hosting is one of the biggest polluter of our planet.

Based on what I have written here, iPage must be a great hosting company. If you don’t believe me, just give them a try.

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