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 In Guardware Systems

Guardware has developed its biometric solutions focusing on the high security demands of the professional market: we make no compromise on security issues. Our systems meet the challenges of governmental and commercial applications, where the high level of system integrity and reliability is of paramount importance. Our systems are used by top brands, at least that’s what this Greengeeks review says.

10 years with innovative biometric solutions

Guardware boasts a decade of expertise and know-how in the field of fingerprint recognition. Our dynamic research and development team consists of professionals specialized in dactyloscopy, optics, electronics, mechanical design, hardware and software engineering. Continued investment in R&D ensures that Guardware will also offer cutting-edge technology in the coming decades.

System integrity – it is all in the details

Ensuring the integrity of a biometric sample is mission critical: the core premise of biometric authentication is the certainty that the identified person is in fact the person he is supposed to be. The higher the protected value, the greater the efforts criminals will make in order to compromise the system protecting it. This is why liveness detection and advanced encryption of data and communication are essential features of a biometric security system.

Biosensor – when you must know who you are dealing with

The performance of our patented biosensor – the live finger detection system – is unparalleled both in terms of reliability and speed. Guardware’s biosensor is applied onto the scanner surface as the first line of defense against impostors. The liveness check, based on static and dynamic measurements on multiple properties of the presented material, must be passed to continue the authentication process. This solution eliminates the risk of unauthorized access using a fake (e.g. silicon, rubber or gelatin) finger.

X-factor authentication

AccessGuard is unique in its flexible handling of 1, 2, and 3-factor authentication, combining biometrics with access cards and/or PIN codes. Even mixed authentication is allowed: e.g. most of the users may use a card with fingerprint, while some of them use a card and a PIN code only. This is useful if they cannot use a fingerprint scanner for any reason).

Simple and cost-effective operation

Fault-tolerant system architecture, automatic finger quality evaluation during enrollment, tolerance of user errors, intuitive user interfaces are features saving you time and money spent on daily administration. Guardware fingerprint scanners are built to last: designed to be durable enough to handle heavy traffic day after day. The scratch-resistant optical sensor guarantees long product lifetime, resulting in a cost-effective biometric solution.

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